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rigorífico Anglo and its distribution company, Ciabasa, operated in South Dock until about 1974

By Buenos Aires Times

Anglo was not a bank, though it was still a destination of easy work for British expats, a safe outfit for the enterprising, as well as society’s dropouts. It was one of the most interesting places I’ve ever had the luck to spend some time in. 

In an age in which unemployment is a serious threat to the wellbeing of millions, a look back is inevitable. The world seemed a safer place, then, never mind when. It was not, of course, though that is almost irrelevant now. The politicians weren’t much better either. Memory emphasises just how lucky I was. 

Several members of my family spent much of their lives in...[Read More]

By Swirling Mendoza

“I too have seen the Andes from Above” Neil Armstrong’s hero makes record flight in a balloon.

Following the 1969 moon landing, the three US-American astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edward “Buzz” Aldrin, began their triumphant tour around the world including a stop in Buenos Aires.   As both Argentina and the US flags waved together in celebration at the Cancillería, Argentina´s Ministry of Foreign Relations,  Neil Armstrong was antsy to conclude the promotional rally.

“Do you think this will end soon?” he asked Caceres Monié, the Federal Police Director.    

“But, why?” Moníe questioned surprisingly.

“We came to Argentina only to see...[Read More]


By Adventure Lies in Front

There are so many incredible places to visit in Argentina. We could easily have spent a month in the country and still hardly scratched the surface on what it had to offer.

But for us, Argentina was basically a stopover. We needed to get to Rio in Brazil for Carnivale and the cheapest and easiest way to do that was through Argentina.

Whilst I only spent a week in the country, I really enjoyed the culture, food and most importantly- the wine.

Mendoza was our first stop in Argentina. We arrived early in the morning, after the worst...[Read More]

By Los Andes

Bono, el escurridizo admirador del vino y el paisaje mendocino, volvió a nuestra provincia y lo compartió en la cuenta de Instagram de U2.

Allí subió un video donde se ve el Cordón del Plata y se escucha a Bono describiendo el paisaje y la ubicación y contando que está en Mendoza y del otro lado de esa imponente cordillera nevada está Chile.También hoy Michael Evans, CEO y uno de los fundadores de The Vines, compartió una foto con Bono donde le... (Read More)

By Americas Quarterly

A tribute to the special Argentine talent for life-long friendships, in the wake of the New York terrorist attack.

I was practically a kid, 22 years old, when I moved to Argentina in 2000 with the crazy idea of making it as a reporter. Shockingly, the Buenos Aires Herald was in no rush to hire a Texan with no experience, and the economy seemed to be in a bit of trouble. I knew only two Argentines – both lovely, but older, with kids and lives of their own. So I spent sweltering days wandering the streets and...[Read More]

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