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By Wanderlust Chloe

Touring one of Argentina’s top wine regions really is a must-do.

It was just after 9am, and all I could think about was wine. It may sound like I’m bordering on alcoholism but no, I was in Mendoza, Argentina – an area known specifically for its production of Malbec. Today, I’d be learning about wine, exploring a few vineyards and hopefully tasting a whole load too.

In the safe hands of Kahuak (one of Mendoza’s top tourism agencies) and with bubbly tour guide Anna Laura leading the way, we headed out of the city to the Uco Valley. The tour would take us towards the snow-capped Andes to visit three of the Uco Valley’s top wineries – Salentein, Domaine Bousquet and Andeluna.

The valley lies around 150km south of Mendoza. It’s a lush region with fields packed with crops (everything from garlic, onions and tomatoes to cherries, nuts and melons) and endless rows of vines. It’s considered Argentina’s ‘new world’ when it comes to wine. Formerly a region producing average quality table wines, Salentein arrived and changed everything. Their icon wines swiftly made a name for themselves, and several others followed suit.

As we passed a checkpoint at Tepungato (meaning viewpoint of the stars in a native language) we spotted plenty of luxury hotels with large gates and long drives. We heard how celebrities frequent these places as they offer... (Read More)

By Calgary Herald

Gauchos were the folkloric horsemen of the Argentine pampas, who spent their days reining in wild stallions and corralling errant cattle, and their nights eating meat and drinking wine. Though I’m gussied up in an Argentine-style poncho and cowboy hat, and sitting astride a sturdy white mare that’s hoofing it into the foothills of the Andes, I’m clearly no horsewoman.

Repeated kicks to my ride’s side do nothing to increase her plodding pace. My knees are beginning to ache. But I still have gaucho envy, so I dream about the second chapter of Argentina’s cowboy lifestyle — the part about the... (Read More)

By NY Daily News

I’ve never eaten so much meat in my life.

Think beautiful blood sausage, succulent sweetbread, crisp chorizo and rib roast tender enough to make your taste buds tango.

I was in Argentina, where the average person consumes at least a pound of meat per day. My appetite was ready to assimilate to the gaucho grilling lifestyle. So for 10 days straight, I... (Read More)

By Ditte Olli Blog

After our first experience with a night bus in South America (and we surprisingly managed to get some sleep) we arrived in a town called La Rioja. The city is situated approximately halfway between Salta and Mendoza, and it is therefore a nice place to spend a few days to break up the long distance. The area around La Rioja is very beautiful and we went on a small excursion with the owner of our hostel, to a place called Digue de los Sauces where we did a small hike up a hill and later we drove to another viewpoint where we sat and enjoyed a beer and the view.

Around 3 hours from La Rioja is the Talampaya national park. It is only possible to visit the park with an organized tour, so we booked a 3 hours tour with a strange 4WD truck/bus. The vehicle had a removable roof, so we could stand up and enjoy the views while driving through the... (Read More)

By Danielle Moss

Earlier this year, Conor and I spent a week in Argentina and aside from a few posts on instagram, I never posted anything on my blog. Reema put a story together for The Everygirl, but today, I’m finally sharing some of my favorite photos, spots, and memories from our first international trip together.

The city is so full of culture, and is a mix of very poor neighborhoods, stop-you-in-your-tracks architecture with both a South American and Parisian flair, incredible food, and some of the best Malbec you’ll ever have. Today I’m talking about... (Read More)

By The Border Mail

The place
Estancia La Bamba de Areco

The location
Located 123 kilometres northwest of Buenos Aires, the Estancia La Bamba is located in a gorgeous rural setting, surrounded by sweeping grass plains, babbling creeks and tree-lined paddocks. In fact, the surrounding countryside looks a lot like county Victoria – green farmland, grain silos, corn and chicken farms. Even eucalypts mixed among elms, firs and other trees. The main difference is... (Read More)

By The Daily Meal

For a wine lover, visiting the source of your affection brings the bottle to life and intensifies the tasting experience. Wines from Argentina have been among my favorites for years so I was delighted when Argen Marketing and Aymará Turismo invited me to visit Argentina and created an excellent itinerary that showcased several of the Mendoza region's finest winemakers. Argen Marketing and Aymara Turismo managed all of the details - all I had to do was arrive ready to sip and savor because Mendoza welcomes visitors with open arms and flowing vino. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing highlights from my wine tasting adventures in Mendoza but would like to begin with... (Read More)

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