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A jaunt to Mendoza during my year abroad in Buenos Aires

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By Josefina & Alma Blog


After spending the first four weeks of my year abroad in Buenos Aires, sorting out university stuff and, honestly, just my life in general, I decided to go on my first trip to Mendoza. So I packed up my boyfriend, who arrived from Germany a day before and still battled jetlag (marginally successful), and another friend from Germany, who had indulged the Argentinean lifestyle in Corrientes for two month until then. We left from Buenos Aires on Wednesday evening. (I can confess here and now that I picked my university courses according to my travel schedule and not my interests. But whoever said he was going on a year abroad solely for the study experience is either a liar or a really passionate student. I’m neither.)

The flight from Buenos Aires to Mendoza is about two hours. We decided to fly from the city airport AEP as it’s much closer to the city than Ezeiza. After about two hours of flying over flat land – except for the Andes, Argentina is a rather flat country – the Andes open up in front of us. I can definitely recommend flying in the afternoon or evening as you can...[Read More]

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