Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Car Snacks

Visitor Stories

By Sharadigail

And we are off! Renting a car in Mendoza was far easier than expected. Sharad had done his research and a car seemed to be the best way to get around to all the wineries. Having done many day trips to wine country while living in California, we are pros at safe care-travel-wine-tasting. We loaded up the car with the essentials: a blue, a semi-firm, and a soft cheese, plus three types of cured meats, bread sticks, chopped veggies, and a bag of olives (which we have decided we have got to bring back to the US). We hopped into the car feeling proud of our preparatory work. As we both looked down at the stick shift and then peered our heads around the steering wheel to see the clutch, we burst into laughter... (Read More)

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