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Day 124: Mendoza

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By Dairy Fruit

Day 124: Mendoza

Back in a big city. When we arrived in the early morning, I already missed being in a small town. So much noise and things happening! Also the subconscious feeling of having to be slightly more alert.

We did manage to wrangle a pretty sweet private room though, at Hostel Suites Mendoza, where we had all that we needed (even a never before seen shower / toilet combo. Should have tried to have a shower while on the toilet, perhaps next time).

Most of the day consisted of napping and eating some food, before setting out to a mall so that we could watch Mad Max in the cinema.

I must say I really enjoyed the film, some great practical effects and Charlize Theron was real badass.

Day 124: Meeting a local

Amazingly Fernanda, our guide at Cueva de las Manos, as she said she would agreed to show us around her hometown. She even picked us up in her car, from the hostel (which she actually worked in as well!), to visit a park nearby as well as to see the town from a nearby viewpoint.

In the afternoon, we parted ways but made sure to invite her for some dinner later. During the meantime we had some ice cream and a nap, fitting in nicely with the local siesta culture.

Fernanda took us to a place to find some Picada – mixed tapas like platter, which tasted awesome. During the course of our dinner, we found out that she actually studied electrical engineering before switching to english. Using this, she did an exchange program in the US for 6 months and also worked in Ireland as an aupair.

Another interesting fact was that Wednesday and Thursday nights are girls night around here and that dates happen normally on the Friday night. Apparently if a guy asks you out on the Wed / Thur nights you need to be suspicious, as this could mean... (Read More)

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