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Lima to Mumbai via Mendoza

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By Ravi and Karina's Travel Blog

Hi everyone! We left Santiago and Chile and flew over the Andes, and headed right back down to the other side of the mountains in Argentina, where we headed to the city of Mendoza, a place known for it’s vast wineries.

First of all, I was personally looking forward to going to Argentina. Through football whilst growing up, I’d become interested in knowing more about the country, and I’d always heard Buenos Aires being such a cool place to go and visit. Although the previous destinations on our travels in Peru, Bolivia and Chile had been such a blast, I hadn’t had any expectations going into those places, which possibly made the experience that much better. But Argentina was probably the first place I was expecting something from. I’d heard about the football, the food, the people; it was now time to experience all of that.

Mendoza was founded in 1561 by the Spanish, and due to the system of irrigation put in place by the natives who occupied the area before them, Mendoza was an ideal place for agriculture. It was this that allowed the region to prosper into a vast wine-producing region, allowing it to be part of the nine cities of Great Capitals of Wine worldwide.

..And so what would be a trip to Mendoza be, without a trip (or two! or three?!) to a winery. And that’s exactly what we did on our first day on Mendoza.

Now, you’d think that you spend the morning doing a few activities or sightseeing, have lunch, then... (Read More)

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