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Wine and Bicycles in Mendoza, Argentina

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By Brendan's Adventures

When I first moved to South America some 6 years ago, I heard tourists talking about Mendoza, Argentina.  They talked about going on winery tours by bicycle.  Bikes and wine; and idea so terrible it might be genius.  And, it is.  This was now my second time to Mendoza.  The second time that I’ve made jumped on a bike and cycled around to the various wineries. My second time getting a little bit too drunk to properly control a bicycle.

Though I did shoot some photography on my trip to Mendoza, this stay here in the capital of Malbec was focused much more intently on indulging a little bit.  Of course, I made a video of it all, and even managed to get a couple sharp images despite the alcohol content in my... (Read More)

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