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Ken Baldwin of Totally Spain writes about his prize trip to the Great Wine Capitals AGM, Mendoza Argentina

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By Great Wine Capitals

Mendoza, Mendoza, Mendoza.  Well what can I say ?   Would I go back to Mendoza where I recently visited as a guest of the Great Wine Capitals (GWC) ?  Would I  recommend it to friends and other travelers ?   The answer is a resounding yes. Mendoza is wonderful especially if you love places with an easy pace,  good food,  friendly locals and great wine.

It’s a couple of weeks since I returned and I’m still excited about the visit.  I vividly recall the stunning snow-capped Andes. They’re hard to forget.  I’ve flown over the Pyrenees often and I’ve seen the Himalayas from the air but the Andes are special.  Little did I know, until I arrived, just how special those snow-capped peaks are to Mendoza.

I found the city of Mendoza to be safe, easy to navigate and pleasant to walk around.  

It’s a low rise city with few tall buildings and is laid out using the modern grid system.  As for historical sights, with the exception of the ruins of the San Francisco basilica, sadly none remain due to the devastating earthquake of 1861 which leveled the old city.  However the `new´ Mendoza has much going for it.  Without the pressure of having to visit a long list of historical sights you can instead just... (Read More)

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