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A vineyard of my own – Michael Evans


By Buenos Aires Herald

From: Washington DC
Lives: Mendoza City
Profession: Co-founder of The Vines of Mendoza
Education: Political science at Arizona State University
Just read: The Quiet American
Just seen: Dallas Buyers Club
Gadget: My Nikon D800 camera, and anything Apple

After almost a decade living in Argentina, Michael Evans certainly has the right to opine on his fellow expats. “They fall into two categories: there are the people who are running away and want to have an adventure or teach English, and there are people who want to do something. And the people who really want to do something are really doing cool things.”

Although he doesn’t place himself in either category, the way his Argentine life has turned out slots him into the latter. A former political campaign manager with a passion for wine, a short holiday a decade ago led to a seamless permanent move and Michael co-founded The Vines of Mendoza, a private vineyard ownership project that now encompasses 500 hectares in Uco Valley.

He says: “The first time I came to Argentina was in 2000 for a business trip and I was in Buenos Aires for 36 hours. But I loved it. I had a five-hour lunch at Cabaña Las Lilas, finishing up with Malbec and cigars it was like going back in time. I was working at a telephone start-up at that point, dealing with Telefónica, and then four years later I was working on the John Kerry campaign. Once the election was over, I came to Argentina on vacation for three weeks. While I was in Buenos Aires, I went to a wine tasting and told the woman running it that I was going to Mendoza and asked her for some suggestions. She said... (Read More)

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