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Fabián Yannantuoni leads Peugeot 1-2 in qualifying race at Mendoza


By Touring Car Times

Peugeot claimed a 1-2 victory as Fabián Yannantuoni won the Super TC 2000 qualifying race in San Martín, Mendoza, followed by his team-mate Mariano Werner. Pole sitter Damián Fineschi, from privateer Escudería Fela by RAM Racing, claimed the final podium position.

The qualifying session leading up to the qualifying race saw Fineschi claiming pole position, beating Renault Sport’s Facundo Ardusso and Yannantuoni of Team Peugeot Total Argentina.

One of the front runners in the form of Luis José Di Palma from Renault Sport was eliminated in Q1, a session dominated by... (Read More)

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