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Retreating Glaciers and Advancing Scientists Converge for UNESCO Meeting

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By GlacierHub

The glaciers of the Andes are retreating and researchers are taking notice. Participants of UNESCO’s Impact of the Glacial Retreat in the Andes: International Multidisciplinary Network for Adaptation Strategies project met in Mendoza, Argentina, from August 23-25, to address challenges of glacial retreat in the Andes.

The meeting took place at the IANIGLA Institute (The Argentinean Institute of Nivology, Glaciology and Environmental Sciences), and served as the final synthesis of the project. The project, which was established under UNESCO’s International Hydrological Program in 2012, focuses on developing a multidisciplinary network of professionals in the area of snow and glacial management to improve climate change adaptation strategies in the Andes. Presentations at the meeting, many of which were on research conducted from the beginning of the project, covered a range of topics. Researchers from Chile detailed the...[Read More]

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