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Mendoza ha tenido, con los años, un importante crecimiento gastronómico a raíz de su explosión vitivinícola. Tanto es así, que actualmente considerada la segunda ciudad gastronómica del país después de Buenos Aires. Esto permitió que la provincia desarrollara una gastronomía de buen nivel con una camada de cocineros preparados profesionalmente e instruidos con experiencias internacionales. Ellos son quienes implantaron la raíz de esta nueva corriente que lentamente ha logrado culturizar en sabores e instruir al paladar en buena alimentación, reconociendo productos y preparaciones.

Esta cercanía de la gastronomía con el vino dio lugar al maridaje de los restaurantes en bodega. Una tendencia que desde que nació...[Read More]

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This is the most beautiful crash picture we’ve ever seen.

If you’re going to crash a Bugatti Veyron, make sure to do it in style. The Bugatti Grand Tour is currently taking place with Veyron and Chiron owners travelling across Argentina and Chile in their multi-million-dollar rides. Things haven’t gone quite to plan for the dozen Bugatti-driving billionaires, however. As you can see from these images courtesy of Rodrigo Munoz, one of the lucky participants of the tour took a tumble en route to Mendoza, Argentina. And the result is... (Read More)

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The drinkery hides in a basement under a charming flower shop in Retiro, where original cocktails propel us through multisensorial voyages that evoke the inception of the city we savor today.

For the second year in a row, the Argentine bar Floreria Atlántico has gained an honorable place at the World’s Best 50 Bars ranking announced early October. Its ingenious beverages dedicated to the immigrants that helped shape the country have also gave the drinkery the Highest Climber award, after it jumped a remarkable 26 spots at the chart.

The angelic cocktail-garden camouflaged in a basement under a charming flower shop in Retiro, Buenos Aires, is now the créme de la créme in Latin America and the Caribbean, holding at the same time the 23rd place at the extraordinary global top 50.

Florería Atlántico is enthralling at first sight. The idea of the venture came from one of the most notorious bartenders in Latin America, Renato Giovannoni, who grew up by the ocean until age 18 when he moved to Buenos Aires.

The inspiration for the bar came from the neighborhood itself and the port that received waves of European immigrants during the 19th century. It has purposefully recreated an unfinished space to simulate the...(Read More)

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It’s official, rock climbing is cool. The sport’s recent inclusion in the Tokyo Olympics means the once oddball pursuit has finally abseiled with style down to main street. Expect the World to watch agog in 2020 as human ants cling, scramble and race over colorful carbuncles with the occasional heart stopping fall. Climbing is expected to add some newcomer sparkle to Tokyo, much the same as BMX did at Beijing in 2008.

The stamp of Olympic approval was inevitable. The proliferation of indoor rock walls in gyms and sport’s centres around the World indicate just how popular the sport has become. It is all the more remarkable as the first recorded competition only took place in 1985 in Italy and the World Cup in rock climbing is only 18 years old.

Yet not all aficionados are exactly stoked about the Olympic move. They fear what was a free-wheeling, adventurous activity with no rules will now become crippled with regulation, officialdom and commercial exploitation. Part of rock climbing’s appeal is the fact it is unfettered by rules and fees. Many people might even argue it is not just a sport, more a performance art with minimalist and spiritual aspirations. One that requires monumental physical and mental strength.

So what is it exactly? Good old Wikipedia defines it as the following: “Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a usually pre-defined route without falling.”

The sport has many different styles and sub-disciplines, the most famous of which is free climbing without the use of ropes. The new Olympic medal involves three categories – lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering (relatively short heights over padded mats). It is indicative of just how much climbing has evolved with so many different facets that many criticise the Olympic definition as way to narrow and restrictive.

For example the World’s most famous rock climber Alex Honnold will not be competing. He is famous for climbing the 3000 feet cliff El Capitan in Yosemite without ropes. He argues that in comparison with the Olympics, his challenges are on a grander scale and never indoors. For him to participate in the tournament would be like putting an ultra-marathonist in a 100-meter sprint.

If anything the debate has revealed just how diverse the pastime of climbing has become. There is a World of difference between the teeth chattering endurance of climbing Aconcagua to the mental zen required on a rock face without ropes.

Yet indoor climbing will create its own stars. Argentina fared remarkably well at the recent Sport Climbing World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria. 16-year old Valentina Aguado came second in bouldering. She comes from the neighbouring province of San Luis and her talent and enthusiasm is indicative of the strong and passionate following rock climbing has in Argentina.

Mendoza makes a happy hunting ground for climbers with numerous cliff faces drawing... (Read More)

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Hilbing Franke Distillery o Sol de los Andes, la destilería radicada en Luján (Mendoza)  productora los Gin Hilbing y de la grapa Aniapa que se ganó la Gran Medalla de Oro a la mejor grapa del planeta, acaba de lanzar el primer Gin del mundo a base de Malbec.

El destilado es del estilo London Dry, en el cuál se han incorporado uvas pasas de Malbec junto con diversos botánicos, propios de esta sofisticada bebida. El aroma, sabor y sensibilidad son los elementos que conviven en las pinceladas de su etiqueta y el complejo oficio de destilar.

Como en todas las grandes bebidas espirituosas del mundo, en su elaboración se destaca el expertise de su Master Distiller, quien es el guía y guardián de... (Read More)

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