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Florería Atlántico: The Argentine gem among William Reed Media's "The World's Best 50 Bars"

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By The Bubble

The drinkery hides in a basement under a charming flower shop in Retiro, where original cocktails propel us through multisensorial voyages that evoke the inception of the city we savor today.

For the second year in a row, the Argentine bar Floreria Atlántico has gained an honorable place at the World’s Best 50 Bars ranking announced early October. Its ingenious beverages dedicated to the immigrants that helped shape the country have also gave the drinkery the Highest Climber award, after it jumped a remarkable 26 spots at the chart.

The angelic cocktail-garden camouflaged in a basement under a charming flower shop in Retiro, Buenos Aires, is now the créme de la créme in Latin America and the Caribbean, holding at the same time the 23rd place at the extraordinary global top 50.

Florería Atlántico is enthralling at first sight. The idea of the venture came from one of the most notorious bartenders in Latin America, Renato Giovannoni, who grew up by the ocean until age 18 when he moved to Buenos Aires.

The inspiration for the bar came from the neighborhood itself and the port that received waves of European immigrants during the 19th century. It has purposefully recreated an unfinished space to simulate the...(Read More)

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