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Diplomatic Luxury Wines: a fiesta with style

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By Great Wine Capitals

There’s one thing Mendoza really does in style, and that’s a good fiesta. Argentines know how to hold a party and in the capital of wine it is no exception. This year's Great Wine Capitals 'Best Of Wine Tourism' award winner for wine tourism services was Diplomatic Luxury Wines - a wine festival held each year in the depths of winter to bring a little warmth to wine lovers in Mendoza.

Last year, 2016, was the first year this festival was held and following this year’s equally successful event it has become a firm favourite for locals and tourists alike. Held over two days in early June, this wine event brings together some of the most luxurious wines from Argentina with hard-to-find, limited edition releases as well as the top, icon wines of each bodega.

Organised by the Diplomatic Hotel, which is located in the heart of Mendoza city centre, and two local wine journalists Federico Lancia and Gustavo Flores Bazán, the event marries together wine and food over a long weekend of celebration.

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