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Mighty Malbec: Argentina’s ‘It’ grape

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By The Chronicle Herald

What Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz were for the 1990s and 2000s, Malbec has become for red wine drinkers over the last five or more years. Malbec is the current “it” grape.

In France, the grape was at times incredibly prolific and grown throughout the country. Little wonder why it’s known by so many names there. In addition to Malbec it’s also known as Auxerrois, Cot and Pressac amongst other names. At times, Malbec-based wines have been amongst the most prized of France. The “black wines” of Cahors, traditionally dark pigmented and tannic reds from southwestern France’s Lot Valley, have enjoyed an enviable reputation for hundreds of years but lost some cache in the last century and a half. So much so that when a devastating frost hit nearby Bordeaux in 1956, many winemakers chose not to replant the grape — which had, at one time, been a dominant grape variety in the region and had a reputation for susceptibility to vine diseases.

The producers of Cahors, who were hit by the same damaging frost, did replant to Malbec but the region and its wines are only starting to regain acclaim, largely due to the grape’s success in South America.

Malbec originally migrated to Argentina in the 1860s and the grape has fallen in love with the... (Read More)

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