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Something is Brewing - The Craft Beer Boom in Mendoza

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By Wine Republic

“Would you mind dropping us off at a bar?”

Every Mendoza wine tour guide is familiar with this request. After a day touring wineries, sampling the finest Malbecs, even the hardiest wine lovers crave something different. The exhausted palate demands a refreshing, cold beer to finish the day nicely. All those tannins coating the inner jowls like old wallpaper and those purple painted teeth need a thorough rinsing with a decidedly un-tannic lager or ale. Observe any winemaker you know – they all love beer.

Five years ago the quality of beer in Mendoza was poor. Walk into any bottle store or sidewalk bar and the choice was bewildering – Quilmes, Andes, Brahma, Warsteiner, Schneider, Heineken, Stella Artois, Budweiser and Carlsberg. But such huge choice is deceptive. They all taste pretty much the same – bland and insipid; a gut corroding pee water. In fact one could argue the case that they all come from the same tank, not just because of their uniform mediocrity but also the fact that the majority are owned by the same company AB InBev.Back then, one sadly just had to get on with it. As awful as the beer was, it slaked your thirst like a chilled, Russian astronaut´s piss might in an outer space emergency. And most importantly – it still got you drunk.And then things began to change. An unusual...[Read More]

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