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By Wine Republic

“Would you mind dropping us off at a bar?”

Every Mendoza wine tour guide is familiar with this request. After a day touring wineries, sampling the finest Malbecs, even the hardiest wine lovers crave something different. The exhausted palate demands a refreshing, cold beer to finish the day nicely. All those tannins coating the inner jowls like old wallpaper and those purple painted teeth need a thorough rinsing with a decidedly un-tannic lager or ale. Observe any winemaker you know – they all love beer.

Five years ago the quality of beer in Mendoza was poor. Walk into any bottle store or sidewalk bar and the choice was bewildering – Quilmes, Andes, Brahma, Warsteiner, Schneider, Heineken, Stella Artois, Budweiser and Carlsberg. But such huge choice is deceptive. They all taste pretty much the same – bland and insipid; a gut corroding pee water. In fact one could argue the case that they all come from the same tank, not just because of their uniform mediocrity but also the fact that the majority are owned by the same company AB InBev.Back then, one sadly just had to get on with it. As awful as the beer was, it slaked your thirst like a chilled, Russian astronaut´s piss might in an outer space emergency. And most importantly – it still got you drunk.And then things began to change. An unusual...[Read More]

By Clarín

Calma y adrenalina en los espectaculares paisajes del sur mendocino.

De la adrenalina de los rápidos del río Atuel a la tranquilidad que requiere un vino hasta su descorche. De la imponente paciencia del tiempo horadando las piedras del Cañón del Atuel a la calma doméstica de quien cocina una carne a la masa, una de las exquisiteces de esta tierra.

Ubicada a 235 km al sur de Mendoza, San Rafael despierta orgullo en sus habitantes. Los sanrafaelinos mencionan su ...[Read More]

By Great Wine Capitals

In the Nave Cultural was held the award of Best of Mendoza's Wine Tourism 2018, a contest that recognizes excellence in wine tourism. The gold winners will participate in the global event next month in Casablanca, Chile.

The province dressed up for the awards ceremony that recognizes excellence in local wine tourism: the Best of Mendoza's Wine Tourism 2018. The awards took place in the Nave Cultural of the City of Mendoza and attended by Governor Alfredo Cornejo and the Mayor of the City of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suarez.

This was the second event in less than two weeks in which the protagonists of wine tourism in Mendoza were protagonists, since the Second World Wine Tourism Conference of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) was recently celebrated in our province, placing us in the center of all the glimpses of the wine world.

The president of Ente Mendoza Tourism, Gabriela Testa, gave a brief speech, in which she thanked the jury, "who worked honorably and so responsibly chose the gold that will represent Mendoza in Chile." She also highlighted the activities organized for the next weekend by the City of Mendoza, International Capital of Wine, and invited Mendoza and tourists to enjoy them.

We celebrate this award, which combines tourism with wine, and whose experiences of excellence have made our province chosen by the World Tourism Organization to host, just days ago, the Second World Conference on Wine Tourism, "said Ms. Testa.

Also present at the ceremony were the National Harvest Queen, Victoria Colovatti; the viceroys, Romina Méndez Pataro, provincial government authorities, municipal authorities, representatives of private sector tourism and wine, as well as education, journalists and the general public.

Here is the list of winners of Best of Mendoza's Wine Tourism 2018...[Read More]

Juan Carló of Finca Decero winery near Mendoza, Argentina, explains soil variations in front of Malbec vines. Malbec is the star of the show in these parts – It's Argentina's signature red wine grape.

By Winnipeg Free Press

Such is the Herculean task I have undertaken. As you read this, I’m wrapping up a 10-day trek through the South American country’s wine regions. The trip, arranged by the Wines of Argentina trade organization, has so far seen me and a group of other Canadian writers visit the northern...[Read More]



Mendoza, Argentina

It’s one of the world’s great wine capitals, and like any great vintage, Mendoza is only getting better with age. Start your tasting tour in the Uco Valley, where Casa de Uco’s vineyard-view eco-villas will debut this year. Head down the road to to Vines of Mendoza’s Winemakers’ Village for small-production wines from the likes of Corazón del Sol and SuperUco, and to dine at winery Bodega Monteviejo, where renowned Spanish chef Nadia Harón cooks up Mediterranean-tinged fare inspired by the wines. In Maipú, wineries like Club Tapiz and Trapiche are giving visitors a true taste of the local terroir, using produce grown on the vineyard grounds in their restaurants. Back in town, plot your return trip over a pie at Francis Mallman’s year-old pizzeria, Orégano. With new direct flights from Lima, Panama City, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, and low-cost carrier Norwegian Air plotting dozens of new routes, tacking a Mendoza stop on to your next South American itinerary will be a breeze. —Sorrel Moseley-Williams


Buenos Aires, Argentina

This year, Buenos Aires becomes a hub for art, sports, and politics: the inaugural Art Basel Cities program, the Youth Olympic Games, and the G20 will all take place in the city, beginning with the yearlong Art Basel initiative. Though the Argentinean capital is already home to an eclectic collection of galleries, Art Basel Cities promises to elevate Buenos Aires’ reputation in the global art scene by offering professional support for local artists, as well as lectures and workshops throughout the year to draw art lovers to the city.

The project culminates in September with a week of public arts programming developed by Cecilia Alemani, chief curator of the High Line in New York. Then, in October, 4,000 teen athletes from more than 200 countries will flock to the city for the Youth Olympic Games. The southern Villa Soldati neighborhood has seen significant development in anticipation of the events, with new housing, parks, and sports venues that will breathe life into the area well after the Olympians return home. Should you miss out on the world-class athletes, drown your sorrows in a world-class meal. Tegui, an eight-year-old restaurant in trendy Palermo, was recently named one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants — the first time an Argentinean spot has made the list in 15 years. —Sorrel Moseley-Williams

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By Huffington Post

Argentina is rightly famous for producing several high quality items for export: beef, soccer players, dance moves, and, increasingly, wine. But when it comes to the land of asado, Messi, Tango and Malbec, there’s no substitute for a visit to the source. Fortunately for wine lovers, there’s a new way to get to Mendoza, the hub of the region whence comes almost two-thirds of the wine made in Argentina, and this high-altitude province of sunshine and epic vistas at the foothills of the Andes mountains is begging to be explored...[Read More]

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