By Buenos Aires Times

Yesterday marked the 141st anniversaryof the first issue of the Buenos Aires Herald and I thought it might be enlightening to look back to March 15, 1976, when the newspaper celebratedits first 100 years with a 128-pagesupplement. It was enveloped by afour-page facsimile of its earliest  edition,what was simply then THE HERALD.

This centennial issue came out less than six months after the military coup that was to turn Argentina into a web of secret... (Read More)

By Invest in Mendoza

The solar power plant located in the warehouses of the Luis Menotti Pescarmona Green Space in Godoy Cruz has already begun to take its first great steps in the sustainability policy adopted by the municipality and led by Tadeo García Zalazar.

This initiative has prompted the municipality to develop... (Read More)


The Scarpati family lives in the Pampa, the lowlands extending westward across central Argentina.

This vast grassland has traditionally been used to graze cattle, watched over by men on horseback.

Horses are key to the culture here, and the local indigenous group, the Ranquel, are famous for their skill in taming wild horses.

The Scarpatis have learned this art from the Ranquel and called it "doma india", Indian horse training.

They tame horses without any violence or coercion, using only... (Read More)

By Los Andes

El Banco Nación puso en marcha un nuevo sistema para acreditar planes sociales; así como también para todo aquel que desee comprar, pagar, transferir o recibir dinero a través de esta nueva plataforma digital denominada "billetera digital" que está activa. La nueva plataforma se denomina PIM ( y fue creada por Nación Servicios, una de las empresas de la entidad pública. 

En una primera instancia la ANSES acreditará los planes sociales "Hogar" y "Progresar" a través de esta nueva tecnología. 

De forma optativa este público podrá elegir recibir el dinero por medio de esta plataforma. Más adelante, se sumará el depósito para todos aquellos beneficiarios de las AUH (Asignación Universal por Hijo) y jubilados. Mientras tanto, está activa para todo tipo de usuario. 

Pero además de este público, también cualquier persona física o empresa que quiera... (Read More)

By Flight Global

American and Australian pilots in the two-seat Perlan II broke on 3 September soared to an GPS-recorded altitude of 52,172ft over southern Argentina, breaking the 11-year-old record of 50,700ft set by a different pair of pilots in the Perlan I at the same location.

American pilot Jim Payne and Australian pilot Morgan Sandercock soared in the pressurised Perlan II – a feature lacking in the Perlan I – using the lifting power of a... (Read More)

The Bubble

Great news, long-line haters! (Which is basically everyone.) The dream app specifically designed to help you avoid long lines has finally touched down here, courtesy of a team-up between Banco Macro and Whyline, the tech startup that created a solution to avoid those horrid, antsy moments while we are waiting for basically anything.

Now, going to the bank – or at least that bank, for now – just got that much easier.

Banco Macro launched the new, tech friendly initiative just over a month ago as a part of their partnership with Whyline. The application seeks... (Read More)

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