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Older might be better when it comes to wine, but not necessarily when it comes to wine country. Ditch the well-known spots and check out these under-the-radar wine countries that feature equally exceptional vino.

Burgundy is known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but because the area is so famous, the wine is often overpriced. Check out Traverse City in Michigan, which is located on the same parallel as Burgundy and Bordeaux. While the region, which ranks 13th in US wine production, became internationally known for its white wines, like Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, it's increasingly becoming known for its French-style reds like Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Riesling is no doubt one of Germany's economic mainstays, and its most well-known grape. The usually sweet white wine originated in the Rhine region of Germany, which is home to the largest vineyard area devoted to Riesling in the world. However, it's getting some stiff competition... (Read More)

By National Catholic Reporter

The past two decades in Argentina have been riddled with an economic crisis, immigration influx, and the devolution of religious affiliation. Though these trends, seen worldwide, began far after Jorge Mario Bergoglio's formative years, it was the state of his country when he first took on the papacy and the name Pope Francis -- a state likely to have been in the forefront for him when he decided to emphasize families as a church priority.

It's easy to imagine the same issues that dominate the U.S. national news cycle will also take center stage at the 2015 Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family, slated for Oct. 4-25. In fact, African bishops have already noted that last year's event was too heavily skewed toward European and North American concerns, and have sharply called on more expansive conversations prior to these global meetings.

NCR heard those frustrations, which then prompted a secondary question. The man calling the shots comes from far below the equator, far from the average United States family's everyday experience.

So, what's going on with Catholics in Argentina?

Typical family

The "typical Argentine family" is... (Read More)

By Delmarvanow

A freshly bottled collection of Argentinian wine is making its way into the heart of southern Delaware.

The brand may be relatively new to the local oenophile, but its label features a familiar name.


The name is best know as one of Sussex County’s most ubiquitous landscaping businesses. A name painted on more than a hundred pale green company trucks that service the Delmarva Peninsula.

A name representing the hard work of Tony and Karen Sposato, who have built their business from the ground up.

“Believe it or not, but this all started as a summer job for Tony,” said Karen Sposato.

Over the last two decades, a small side job has evolved into a full service landscaping, maintenance, lawn care, irrigation, design and installation company.

And its evolving once again. However this time, with something a little tastier than fresh grass clippings.

“We wanted to expand, add another element to the business,” said Tony Sposato. “We were tossing around ideas and then one day, it just clicked. We looked at each other and said, ‘Wine. Let’s make wine.’ ”

So in 2012, after six years of studying, researching and traveling, the Sposatos purchased 250 acres in Mendoza... (Read More)

By Buenos Aires Herald

Argentina today launched the ARSAT-2 spacecraft from a site in French Guyana, with the goal of providing telecommunication services across much of the Western hemisphere.

ARSAT (Argentine Satellite Solutions), a state-owned company created through the approval of Federal Law 26,092 during late former president Néstor Kirchner’s administration in 2006, monitored the launch and operation of ARSAT-2 from the Benavídez Ground Station in northern Buenos Aires province.

This satellite is the second in the ARSAT project’s repertoire, following the launch of... (Read More)

By CBS St. Louis

The night before Bethany Hughes started on the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,650-mile hike from Mexico to Canada, she was so wired that she kept rifling through her bags.

Everyone else was asleep, but Hughes thought a “real” backpacker knew where to find anything she needed. So she kept pulling out gear, then repacking it. Over and over, all night.

Eventually, another hiker said, “You’re like a 5-year-old the night before Christmas,” and her trail name of “Fidgit” was born.

It has never fit better.

Five years later, the 29-year-old with the curious inability to sit still is preparing to depart on her next daring expedition: She will attempt to become the first documented woman to travel the length of the Americas — from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Barrow, Alaska — entirely by non-motorized means. The 20,000-mile trek will begin in... (Read More)

By Gizmodo

Penitentes are nature's ice sculptures: snowy pillars that form high in the Andean glaciers, where the air is particularly dry. Now physicists have figured out not only how these pillars form, but also why they tend to form at preferred spacings between columns.

They're called "penitentes" (or nieves penitentes, Spanish for "penitent-shaped snows") because they look eerily like a procession of white-robed monks with heads bowed in penance - specifically, those belonging to a Spanish order with habits known for tall, narrow white hats with a pointed tip. When Charles Darwin traveled from Santiago, Chile, Mendoza, Argentina in 1835, he found himself passing through snowy fields dotted with penitentes, and was so struck by the unusual formations - not to mention an unfortunate frozen dead horse - that he... (Read More)

By The Argentina Independent

Domestic workers have closed their first collective wage negotiations in a historic agreement at the Employment Ministry, achieving a pay increase of 28%.

Seven domestic labour unions signed the agreement with counterparts from employer associations on Tuesday, making this the first bilateral agreement of its kind. Negotiations between labour unions and the Employment Ministry began at the beginning of this month.

Also in attendance were representatives from the ministries of Economy and Social Development.

The pay rise will come in two installments, with a 21% increase payed retroactively from the start of... (Read More)

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