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By Diario Uno

Es más difícil llegar al punto más bajo que al más alto. El Aconcagua es la cima de Mendoza, y en el límite tripartito con San Luis y La Pampa está el más bajo.

Sí, lo sabemos prácticamente desde la cuna. Alzamos la vista y sabemos que uno de esos picos es el más alto de Mendoza, de Argentina, de América. Sobre el Aconcagua nadie duda. Pero, ¿cuál es el más bajo? Traducido al mendocino básico, ¿cuál es el más pandito?

Los encargados de la página de Facebook Geografía y Geología de Mendoza, Guillermo Corona y Pablo González, también se lo preguntaron y lo respondieron.

"Mucho menos llamativo que su opuesto –en referencia al Aconcagua– es el punto más bajo de Mendoza. Se ubica sobre el río... (Read More)

By Eurosport

Argentina may very well be the home turf of football champions Messi and Maradona as well as rugby or even polo tournaments. But it has also become a major attraction for extreme sports enthusiasts.

At five times the size of France, Argentina is 3,700 kilometres long and 1,400 kilometres wide, and divided into five major geographical zones – each with its own climate and unique terrain. The exceptional diversity of landscape on offer has turned it into a majestic playground for adventurous sports enthusiasts.

Here is a list of recommended activities in some of the country's most breathtaking spots... (Read More)

By Prensa Mendoza

La flamante soberana representó a Guaymallén. La fiesta contó con la presencia de importantes figuras nacionales y una estrella internacional que fue sin dudas una de las personas más fotografiadas de la noche del sábado.

Luego de la Fiesta Provincial de la Nieve, Mendoza vivió un domingo blanco, casi presagiando lo que, se espera, será una gran temporada tanto a nivel turístico como en acumulación nívea, ideal tanto para practicar deportes o disfrutar de la cordillera.

Este año, la fiesta realizada en Malargüe contó con la dirección de Pedro Marabini, lo que aseguró una noche llena de... (Read More)

By The New York Times

Argentina, land of the tango, gauchos and good wine, is also emerging as the land of the good deal.

Foreign visitors who pay for their lodging with an international debit or credit card — not cash — now receive a direct and automatic refund of the country’s 21 percent value-added tax. The reimbursement applies to all accommodations, from hostels and midrange hotels to luxury resorts and the rural estates known as estancias.

“Our goal is to position Argentina among the world’s top travel destinations by making it more competitive and affordable. To do so, we have been implementing a range of new policies,” said Roberto Palais, the executive chairman of the National Institute of Tourism Promotion.

Other measures include removing the $160 visa reciprocity fee that United States citizens were previously required to pay before entering the country, as well as lifting currency restrictions put in place by the former government. After taking office in 2015, President Mauricio Macri allowed the peso to float freely, substantially closing the gap between the official exchange rate and the black market rate. “Before this action was taken, most tourists would change money at illegal back street offices, called cuevas,” said Maita Barrenechea, the owner of Mai 10, a Buenos Aires travel company specializing in customized trips to Argentina. “Now they can rely on banks, ATMs and credit cards for a fair exchange rate.”

Air travel is also improving. The national airline, Aerolíneas Argentinas, is growing its fleet and recently added Cordoba as a domestic hub, offering a more strategic location for flight connections because of its central location, while a government investment of 22 billion pesos will go toward renovating and expanding 19 airports. The airline also introduced a streamlined version of its Visit Argentina Pass, which offers discounted domestic airfares to travelers purchasing between three and 12 flights (as long as fliers show proof of an international round-trip ticket).

Additionally, a number of low-cost carriers will begin flying in Argentina this year including Alas del Sur, American Jet and Avian. The Spanish budget airline Level has already launched a flight between Barcelona and Buenos Aires, and Norwegian Airlines will begin flying from... (Read More)


According to the latest figures, inbound medical tourism is growing in Argentina with the main bulk of medical tourists arriving from Latin American countries.

According to Miguel Cané of the Argentine Chamber of Medical Tourism, medical tourism to Argentina is growing.

In 2016, according to data of the Chamber, Argentina welcomed 14 000 foreign medical tourists who spent 300 million dollars on medical services and tourist activities. But these figures are for international patients so include... (Read More)

By Wine Spectator

After years of heavy rain, the 2017 growing season in Argentina and Chile brought extremely dry conditions. The weather was different, but one thing remained the same: smaller grape harvests.

Both sides of the Andes were affected to varying degrees by the shift from the wetter El Niño regime to the drier conditions associated with La Niña. The weather patterns are named for Pacific Ocean currents off the west coast of South America, which can have an impact on precipitation and weather worldwide.

For Argentine vintners, the drier conditions of 2017 came as a relief after a series of years that brought... (Read More)

By Buenos Aires Herald

Andrés Rosberg, the former president of the Argentine Sommelier Association (AAS), was anointed head of the Asociación de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) last Thursday in Bordeaux, France. He is the first sommelier from the Americas in the international sommellerie association’s 48-year history to take up this post.

He told the Buenos Aires Herald: “We’ve been working toward this goal for many years and it will surely have direct implications for Argentine wine and sommellerie. In 2012, the AAS invited every ASI member nation’s president to Argentina to convince them to vote for us as future world cup hosts; we then hosted that contest in 2016. In addition, Paz Levinson (from Virtus restaurant, Paris) won the PanAmerican championship in 2015 then ranked fourth in the world last year. These, and other factors, all added up to help Argentina not only stand for the ASI presidency — but also win it.”

Rosberg added that Argentina is increasingly on the world stage for... (Read More)

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