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El cine se mete de lleno en el mundo de la vitivinicultura. Es que el Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Visuales (INCCA) tendrá una sala cinematográfica en el Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura (INV).

La instalación es el resultado de un convenio de cooperación entre los dos organismos nacionales.

 En la sede el INV en Mendoza desde hace tiempo se vienen desarrollando actividades culturales y sociales. La Peatonal del Vino es el ejemplo más claro. En este lugar, justamente, en breve también se brindará... (Read More)

By The Bubble

With the close of the 2015 Association of Tennis Professionals season, Argentina is experiencing its first year without a title in 18 years.

Since 1997, there hasn’t been a season when an Argentine player hasn’t won at least one tournament title – the last being in mid-2014 by Leonardo Mayer (currently ranked 35) in Hamburg. Mayer lost to French player Richard Gasquet in the Masters 1000 Series in Paris, the final ATP tournament of the season, ending the hopes of... (Read More)

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Nearly the entire coastal and southern portions of the City of Buenos Aires could be completely underwater by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current rate, according to a report and interactive map published by Climate Central.

If we continue to see a predicted global temperature rise of 4°C (and corresponding sea level rise), between 470 to 760 million people living along the world’s coastlines would... (Read More)

By Mdzol

Todo comenzó en un gimnasio de la Sexta Sección llamado "Gimnasio Griego" para luego ser un software indispensable en todos los gimnasios sofisticados de Mendoza y el país. Se llama MPTrain y en esta entrevista con su CEO Joaquín González, te vamos a contar de que se trata.

Joaquín es mendocino, ingeniero, tiene 34 años y trabajó en empresas importantes de la ciudad como Impsa. Un día, decidió renunciar a su trabajo para ir en busca de un sueño. En este video te cuenta como una experiencia personal se puede convertir en un emprendimiento exitoso.

¿Qué es MPTrain?

Es un sistema de entrenamiento con... (Read More)

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Last year 90,000 spectators enjoyed the one hundred performances by 400 musicians in six different venues at the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. As of last night, opened by New York artist, Peter Bernstein, in the Usina del Arte, we have a whole week to be whisked away into the dreamy onda of the greatest jazz musicians in the world. (If you missed Berstein last night, fear not, he is performing again in La Sala De Cámara de la Usina at 7.30PM tonight.)

Launched in 2002, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years, culminating into the greatest festival of its kind in Latin America. Adrian Iaies, the named directed of the annual festival for almost a decade, says that the event “aims not only to provide jazz with a privileged space in the city but also to... (Read More)

By Idaho Statesman

It's always special when Argentina and Brazil play, even if this time Argentina goes into the match without Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero.

No such problem for Brazil. Neymar is healthy and back from suspension for the World Cup qualifier on Thursday at Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires.

"Every absence is important," Argentina coach Gerardo Martino said, but acknowledged some such as Messi and Aguero are more critical than others. "We'll have to change our mindset to beat Brazil."

Neither team showed much in its first two qualifiers last month.

Brazil beat Venezuela 3-1 and lost to... (Read More)

By IPS News

Purple garlic that is losing its color? More translucent wine? Climate change will also affect the flavours of our food in the absence of measures to mitigate the impacts of global warming, which are already being felt in crops that are basic to local economies, such as in the Argentine province of Mendoza.

An exposition by the National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo), during the Climate Change Forum held in October in Mendoza, the capital of the province of the same name, organised jointly with the United Nations Development Programme (UNCP), raised the subject.

“Will climate change affect the quality of malbec?” read one sign at the exposition, referring to Argentina’s most characteristic wine.

“The rise in temperature... (Read More)

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