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If you want mint tea with your breakfast at Casa de Uco, a luxury wine resort nestled in the Argentinian Andean foothills, your server first checks in the kitchen. Moments later, he is outside, walking toward the hotel’s organic garden, next to its vineyards. When he returns to your table moments later, he delivers a teapot brimming with freshly cut mint leaves.

About one hour north, guests at the Entre Cielos Wine Hotel and Spa are greeted at the gate with a glass of rosé from the Mendoza-area hotel’s vineyards. Drinks in hand, they are transported by golf cart to the hotel entrance, just some 100 metres away. Pampering is an Entre Cielos specialty. Indeed, its award-winning hamam spa, the first in South America, draws visitors from around the world.

Casa de Uco and Entre Cielos have much in common besides their own vineyards in Argentina’s leading wine region. Both are intimate, each with 16 rooms, creating a lodge-like experience where it is easy to meet other guests, if you want, or relax in secluded nooks. Both are among only a handful of luxury hotels just outside Mendoza—and both are... (Read More)

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Rescue teams are working to evacuate about 3,850 people trapped by mudslides in mountainous areas in Mendoza, a province in western Argentina, officials said on Sunday.

The mudslides forced officials to close the Cristo Redentor tunnel, the main trans-Andean route linking Argentina and Chile, and open shelters, which have been supplied with... (Read More)

By Katu

A Portland man has begun his adventure of traveling to the North and South poles and climbing the tallest mountain on each of Earth's seven continents. His trip is called the Explorers Grand Slam. Less than 50 people across the world have every completed it.

Not only does Colin O'Brady want to finish, he wants to do it faster than anyone else.

"If everything goes to plan, I will complete it in around five months or just over," said O'Brady in a Skype interview from Mendoza, Argentina. "Anything under six months and eleven days would be a success, but I'm aiming for... (Read More)

By Post-Gazette

A series of fossil discoveries have revealed giant dinosaurs that, head to tail, extended a third of a football field and weighed as much as a dozen elephants or the largest humpback whale.  

And a Pittsburgh paleontologist was on one team to study newly discovered fossils of two such titanosaurs — gigantic creatures that likely shook the ground with each step in what is now modern-day Argentina. Those behemoths were 82 to 92 feet and up to 66 tons -- 132,000 pounds.

“You’d definitely feel vibrations when lots of them were moving, just like a herd of buffalo shakes the ground,” said Matthew Lamanna, assistant curator of vertebrate paleontology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. “But they definitely walked rather than ran. I don’t think titanosaurs could move very quickly.”

The dinosaurs known as Notocolossus gonzalezparejasi roamed the outskirts of Patagonia during the Cretaceous Period about 86 million years ago. Their necks were long enough to eat from the ground to the tree tops, with similarly long tails other creatures likely strived to stay clear of.

Mr. Lamanna, who holds a Ph.D. in paleontology, worked on the team led by Bernardo Gonzalez Riga of the National University of Cuyo in the Mendoza Province of Argentina, who first spotted a fossil partially sticking up from... (Read More)

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By Mexidata

Argentina’s recently elected President Mauricio Macri (56) appears, so far, to be a breath of fresh air for Latin America with his avowed, motivated and aggressive posture against drug trafficking and organized crime that is so prevalent throughout the hemisphere.

That may not be such a tough act to follow, after outgoing President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s eight years in the high office – with considerable controversy and many allegations of corruption.

She began her two terms as president on 10 December 2007, following her late husband Nestor’s four-year term as president. The challenges facing her from the inception were poor public security, inflation, and international credibility.

Essentially, Cristina was never able to overcome the accusations, ranging from... (Read More)

By Los Andes

Los deshielos en la montaña mendocina dejaron aisladas a 21 personas en la reserva Laguna del Diamante en San Carlos, cuya temporada dio inicio este fin de semana. Además, dos arroyos se desbordaron y se destruyeron puentes. Los turistas fueron rescatados pero por precaución el acceso a ese paseo sigue inhabilitado.

Fuentes oficiales aseguraron que los 21 visitantes aislados llegaron... (Read More)

By Global Post

In the depths of the northern winter, spare a thought for Southern Americans suffering from too much sunshine.

No, really. It’s a serious problem. Parts of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and northern Argentina are experiencing such ferocious ultraviolet radiation right now that doctors are warning locals to stay inside during much of the day.

Exposure to excessive UV radiation can cause a long list of serious health problems, including... (Read More)

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