Monday, February 19, 2018

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By Los Andes

Como un imán, el vino -y todas las actividades que lo circundan- atrae casi de forma natural a los turistas que llegan a Mendoza, sean de donde fueren. Prácticamente no hay visitante que se vaya sin antes probar un vino.

Según destacó la presidenta del Ente de Turismo, Gabriela Testa, 80% de los turistas visitan al menos una bodega mientras dura su estadía en nuestra provincia.

“El turismo del vino es el principal atractivo para los turistas extranjeros que vienen de Brasil, Estados Unidos y Canadá. El europeo, en tanto, también se siente atraído pero, en lo que se refiere a atractivo principal... (Read More)

By The Times of Israel

“Make Hummus, Not War.”

That was the message behind a recent event that brought local Jews, Muslims and other Arabs together in Argentina’s bustling capital city of Buenos Aires.

On Sunday, 20 amateur chefs participated in a hummus-making competition at the Tetuan Moroccan Grill restaurant in the trendy... (Read More)

By The Bubble

If you are one of those fliers who get a little anxious every time your flight between Buenos Aires and New York makes an obligatory pit stop in Texas, we have great news for you.

Starting in October 28, United Airlines will begin flying directly between Buenos Aires and New York, making the Houston layover a thing of the past.

The daily, non-stop service will operate in the... (Read More)

By Buenos Aires Times

Yesterday marked the 141st anniversaryof the first issue of the Buenos Aires Herald and I thought it might be enlightening to look back to March 15, 1976, when the newspaper celebratedits first 100 years with a 128-pagesupplement. It was enveloped by afour-page facsimile of its earliest  edition,what was simply then THE HERALD.

This centennial issue came out less than six months after the military coup that was to turn Argentina into a web of secret... (Read More)

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