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By Buenos Aires Times

At the dawn of the 21st century, the world is moving toward education without borders. Argentina leads the region in terms of hosting the most international students – but it’s lagging behind as a sender.

The first in a new series of columns by international education consultant, Eddie Levisman, MA.

I welcome the readers of the Buenos Aires Times to this new regular segment dealing with international education, a space where we hope to provide news, information of interest and guidance to readers whose aspirations include engaging their lives – or that of their children’s – with international endeavours in higher education.

As Argentina begins the exciting process of...[Read More]

By World Crunch

The Macri government's sober discourse and steady reformist hand suggest the political and economic dramas of the last century in Argentina may be ending.

BUENOS AIRES — The results of last month's parliamentary elections in Argentina may be the final proof that a new historical cycle in Argentine politics has begun. That would mark an end to the radical social and political options that dominated the country through the 20th century.

Back in 1930, several political storms coincided to halt the dual promises of growth and greatness that Argentina had entertained — and which had seemed unstoppable, in the first decades of the 20th century. There was an abrupt end to the pattern of prosperous...[Read More]


By Buenos Aires Times

After an Uzbek terrorist used a van to murder eight innocent civilians in New York City, the city of Rosario mourns the death of five Argentines.

Argentina on Wednesday mourned five victims of the bike path attack near the World Trade Center who were part of a group of friends celebrating the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation with a trip to New York City.

The victims were among eight friends marking their 1987 graduation from the Polytechnic School of Rosario, Argentina, with a U.S. trip to New York and...[Read More]

By The Bubble

Buenos Aires wants a shot at the 2023 World Expo, an event aimed at providing a platform for discussions on “finding solutions to universal challenges of our time, such as urbanism (Expo Shanghai 2010) or nutrition (Expo Milan 2015).”

In an effort to strengthen Argentina’s chances of bringing it to South America, the Ministry of Media and Public Content have released the following video:...[Read More]

By Wine Republic

Charlie O’Malley writes about the local passion for tortitas.

Mendocinos are an unflappable bunch. Their cool demeanour matches the ice-capped mountains they live below. They even enthuse about their wine in measured tones and rarely get too excited about anything.

That is except when you bring up the subject of tortitas, a type of hotcake that is unique to the province. Mention this much-favored breakfast item and the conversation suddenly...[Read More]

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