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Are you better looking in the US, Argentina, or the Philippines?

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By Daily Mail

Designers from 18 countries retouch the same image to create the 'ideal' 55-year-old woman - and come up with VERY different results

Graphic designers from around the world were given the same image of a middle-age woman, as well as a man of the same age, and given the opportunity to edit them as they saw fit

They were asked to illustrate the ideal beauty standards for the aging populations in their countries

Models of both sexes were made both darker and lighter and both thinner and heavier

The male model was given facial hair, muscles, body hair, and even extra fat

The female model's hair and skin color were changed, she was made slimmer, and her breasts were lifted


Aging gracefully — and well — means something different in different parts of the world.

To illustrate these varying standards of beauty, asked graphic designers from 18 different countries to work their retouching magic on a pair of photos: one showing a 55-year-old woman, and the other showing a 55-year-old man.

The graphic designers transformed each of the images, changing them to represent the ideal standards of beauty and aging in their respective countries, which proved to differ dramatically...[Read More]

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