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'I'm hoping for better things to come': readers' views on Argentina's future

Mendoza & National

By The Guardian

While Mauricio Macri of the Cambiemos (Let’s Change) party won Argentina’s recent presidential election, ending 12 years of “Kirchnerism”, the country’s population remains deeply divided on Macri’s centre-right ideology. Some hope that the vote for change will help ease inflation, stabilise the economy and reduce crime rates, while others doubt the former Buenos Aires mayor is the right man to do this and fear another economic collapse. With Macri officially replacing outgoing president Christina Fernández de Kirchner Thursday 10 December, here are some of our readers’ views on Argentina’s recent political shift to the right.

‘I am expectant and hoping for better things to come’
Antonella Pérez Faliti, 21, is studying medicine in Córdoba. Born in Río Negro, on the northern edge of Patagonia, she grew up in San Rafael, Mendoza, where her family still lives. She is optimistic about the election result, and believes the time was right for a change.

“Mendoza and Córdoba are two provinces that have both been... (Read More)

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