Drunk-Biking Is the Only Way to Tour Argentina’s Wine Country

Food, Drink, and Wine

By Munchies

In the late 1800s in Mendoza, Argentina’s largest wine-producing area, business was booming. Local bodegas (wineries, in the local parlance) were challenged with supplying an ever-growing demand and resorted to ditching labor-intensive European winemaking techniques in favor of combining vast quantities of grapes, yeast, and sugar in underground concrete vaults and crossing their fingers. It was the winemaking equivalent of “winging it” and the results were invariably crap.

Things remained unchanged for the next 100 years until the bodegas realized that there was much more money to be made in the export market. Argentines had grown accustomed to their churlish and cheap table wine, but Europe and North America seemed to enjoy their... (Read More)