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Fancy a Pint? Discover the Craft Beer Bonanza in San Telmo

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By The Argentina Independent

Every country has its Quilmes: a beer so diluted with water and lacking in taste that it frequently warrants an offhanded comparison to “piss”. While Quilmes is still the go-to for university students and frugal drinkers alike, beer-drinkers in Argentina are starting to demand more from their alcoholic beverage of choice.

For this reason, more and more locals are flocking to San Telmo. While customarily known as Buenos Aires’ oldest and most historic barrio, it has also blossomed into one of the city’s perennial hot spots for artisanal, craft beer.

“Buenos Aires is in a craft beer boom,” explains J.T. Sexton, who is soon opening yet another artisanal beer bar in San Telmo, the Sexton Beer Company. “And San Telmo is the craft beer hub of Buenos Aires.”

San Telmo is host to numerous artisanal beer bars that are guaranteed to... (Read More)

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