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“Is Pizza a Carb?”: Favorite Argie Foods

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By The Bubble

For all you Regina Georges out there on (intended or accidental) all-carb diets, Argentina might be your heaven.

TrialPanel, a European-based research group, conducted a survey in the Argentine capital and throughout the country’s interior to find out which foods Argentines love and consume the most. In a country that has more cows than people and more pizzerias per capita than any other nation (any interest in the #Muza5K pizza run tomorrow morning?), the results are hardly surprising. And a vegan’s nightmare.

Argentines overwhelmingly chose pizza, milanesa, empanadas and pasta as their favorite and most frequently home-cooked foods.

But watch it, results weren’t that predictable. While pizza won first place in Buenos Aires Capital... (Read More)

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