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Catena Wine's Measure Of Influence In Argentina

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By Forbes

Laura Catena was pissed off.

It was 1995 at a prestigious tasting in New York, where she was pouring her family’s Bodega Catena Zapata wines. It was the first time that an Argentinian winery was invited to participate in the event, and one guest after another passed by her table. They used her spit bucket but, when she offered to pour them a taste of wine, they refused.

International appreciation for Argentinian wines was in its infancy 20 years ago. Catena decided to fast forward it. The next day she called her father, Nicolás Catena, and said she was coming to work for him at the company he reinvigorated in the 1960s, after its initial founding with Malbec grapes in 1902 in the Argentine Andes of Mendoza.

It was a turning point, for her professionally and for the brand. She was (and still is) an emergency room doctor, and her decision to work for the company launched a new evolution for Bodega Catena Zapata that’s been driven in part by her natural affinity for scientific inquiry and data. She immediately founded the winery’s research and development department, which today is embodied... (Read More)

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