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Argentina's Must-Try Wines

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By Wine Enthusiast

Argentina first burst onto the global wine scene 15 years ago. Almost exclusively, bold, fruity Malbecs from established warm-weather communes around the city of Mendoza captured international attention.

Since then, the country’s wineries and winemakers have continued to innovate. A commitment to more complex, terroir-driven wines is now literally bearing fruit, with Argentina’s best Malbecs coming from stony, high-elevation vineyards throughout the cooler Uco Valley.

In addition, a new crop of Cabernet Franc and Malbec-led blends are proving to be strong running mates. As consumers have shown a willingness to expand their definition of how pricing constitutes value, Argentina has answered the call with a plethora of excellent wines that retail for $20–30.

Here are the key trends driving the Argentine transition from upstart player to established figure among wine-producing nations... (Read More)

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