Sunday, February 18, 2018

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The rules & rituals of an asado

Out and About, Wine & Adenture

By The Squeeze

Beware of Vultures (and be kind to them!)

‘Vultures’ are the friends that hang out around the grill waiting for the asador to cut a piece of meat and get a “taste”…

“Keep an eye on the grill”

If the asador tells you these words, that means exactly that. Just look at it and make sure a dinosaur does not fly in and steal the meat. Keeping an eye on the grill does not give you permission to touch ANYTHING on the grill…not even the wood!

“It’s OK to touch my wife, just don’t touch my grill”

This is not an official asado phrase but it should be. Touching an Argentines grill while he is cooking an asado is like asking for a... (Read More)

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