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The Cosmos In A Bottle

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By Wine Republic

Savvy winemaking or New Age hokum? Emilie Giraud grabs biodynamic wine by the cow horns

“A New Age trend in Paris restaurant”, “Heavy metal “, “Biological dynamite“When I asked my friends what was biodynamics, these were just some of their creative answers. The father of biodynamics, Rudolf Steiner, also brought the imagination to another level when describing his philosophy. He claims that eating potatoes is one of the factors that turned humans materialistic and doesn’t hesitate to compare the bladder of a deer to the cosmos. You might be inclined to dismiss his theories as the thoughts of a far-fetched lunatic.

However some 500 professional wine producers worldwide have followed his teachings when making wine and have won accolades for doing so.

Steiner was an Austrian scientist and philosopher from the 1920’s known for having set the basis of Anthroposophy, a spiritual-scientific approach which aims to restore harmony between the human and the universe. In 1924, after meeting a group of farmers worried by the development of chemical agriculture, Steiner gave eight lectures calling for a more natural and holistic view of agriculture that would take into consideration the interrelations of the natural cycles of plants, animals, humans and planets. To visualize how his approach is applied to viticulture, and to understand why anyone would take seriously a man that links materialism to a potato diet, I went to visit a pioneer Argentinian biodynamic estate named Alpamanta or “ Love of Earth “ in Huarpe, the local native language

The Dung Thing

Located in Ugarteche, at 950 absl, the 35 hectares of Alpamanta Estate have a nourishing ecosystem.Walking in the vineyard, you will see a lot of insects, but also free-roaming animals like sheep, horses and hens. They even have a mobile... (Read More)

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