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Wine tours are done a little differently in Argentina

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by Stuff

Their glasses aren't empty. My friend Dan and I have probably realised this at exactly same time, as the Argentineans in our tour group scrape their chairs back and depart from the table, leaving behind rows of glasses still partially filled with white and red liquid.

"Are they going to finish those?" Dan asks incredulously, pointing at the glasses.

I shrug. "Doesn't look like it."

Once again, we've both had the same thought at the same time. Would it be a massive faux pas to reach over and drain our colleagues' wine for them? There's a silent agreement that yes, it probably would be. But we're still considering it.

This is a wine tour in Mendoza, Argentina, and it's a little different to any wine tour the two of us have done back home. For starters, there doesn't seem to be much... (Read More)

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