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Unearthing Great Architecture in Mendoza's Wine Region: Zuccardi's Piedra Infinita

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By The Squeeze Magazine

There are wineries that look great, and others that function well. Sadly it feels like somewhat of a rarity when they achieve both. But Zuccardi winery, the Great Wine Capitals’ global architecture winner last year, is a rare gem that really does achieve both, and will please the most exacting oenophile as well as the most passionate architect.

I wrote this article for Great Wine Capitals’ wine blog, however as it is about a new winery in Mendoza – I thought readers of the Squeeze might enjoy reading it too. Please check out the original version on GWC website too, where you will find other blogs on last year’s winners from around the globe.

Zuccardi & the Piedra Infinita winery

The new Zuccardi Piedra Infinita winery in the Uco Valley was born out of desire, rather than necessity. The Zuccardi family have a large, functional and busy winery to the east of Mendoza, in Maipu. With each new generation of the family, the winery has expanded and the horizons lifted. It homes the winemaking facilities for several... (Read More)

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