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By Buenos Aires Herald

Travelling abroad is becoming an increasingly popular option for Argentines, with almost five million trips out of the country since the start of 2015, 14 percent above 2014’s figures, as well as record growth in July, according to figures released yesterday.

The monthly INDEC statistics bureau tourism report said more than 600,000 trips outside the country were registered in July, up 24,3 percent when seen against 2014’s numbers, while foreign tourists coming to Argentina kept dropping, registering a 4,3 percent decline for the month.

The trend is not new, but it is getting stronger, as the cost of... (Read More)

By Fermin Koop at Buenos Aires Herald

Sector is optimistic that whoever wins in October will usher in new era of growth

The mining sector in Argentina is bursting with optimism, confident that regardless who of the three main presidential candidates wins the elections investment will increase and reactivate an industry that has been stagnant for the last years amid falling international commodity prices.

The Victory Front’s Daniel Scioli, Let’s Change contender Mauricio Macri and UNA candidate Sergio Massa have all vowed to prioritize the sector and change regulations to make investments even more attractive to international companies while also increasing incentives to make mining communities more eager to accept large projects that are often steeped in controversy.

The three candidates have met with mining business chambers, developed specific plans for the sector through their think-tanks and even visited mines throughout the country, promising... (Read More)

By Los Andes

El derrumbe de las ventas del mercado automotor en 2015 evidencia el complicado escenario que se formó con el combo de devaluación, restricción a las importaciones e impuesto a los autos de alta gama. Sin embargo, dentro del contexto desfavorable, apareció una posición ventajosa que le da un respiro a los vehículos de alta gama.

Así como la suba del dólar a principios de 2014 condenó los patentamientos de autos 0 km, el atraso cambiario que existe en la actualidad abarata los precios de los vehículos importados de lujo. Además, la creciente brecha entre dólar oficial y paralelo posibilita una maniobra ilegal pero productiva que puede bajar el valor de un auto hasta en un 66%.

Representantes de algunas de las marcas de alta gama más populares, revelaron que existe una leve reactivación de ese segmento y hablan incluso de una compensación del... (Read More)

By Buenos Aires Herald

Economy Minister Axel Kicillof announced a new National Securities Commission (CNV) regime allowing small and medium-sized companies (PYMEs) to reduce financing costs and gain major access to the financial market.

In a conference press held at the headquarters of the Economy Ministry, Kicillof today introduced the new CNV system “with new requirements and methods for the issuing of... (Read More)


Argentina's central bank is cracking down on the banking giant HSBC amid a multi-billion-dollar tax evasion scandal. It has demanded that the British lender's local unit president be replaced within 24 hours

In addition to charges of aiding tax evaders, the central bank in Buenos Aires also accused HSBC Argentina president Gabriel Martino of not doing enough to "mitigate and adequately address the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities."

The financial overseer said that because HSBC had not established the... (Read More)

By Los Andes

La falta de una infraestructura logística competitiva que ayude a las empresas a colocar sus productos en el exterior, se hace más notoria en tiempos de vacas flacas.

Es que sin la competitividad que otrora brindaba el tipo de cambio y una inflación contenida, los gastos para poner la mercadería en el puerto son cada vez mayores. Un reciente informe de la Fundación Ideal indica que los costos logísticos de Mendoza equivalen al 14% del valor... (Read More)

By Reuters

When the creators of an elaborate 2013 Cadillac commercial began to scout for shooting locations three years ago, they began in Argentina, where varied landscapes and creative talent had long attracted ad producers.

But when it came time to import the equipment needed for the three-minute spot, they collided head-on with the country's byzantine import regulations. Argentina demanded hefty deposits on all vehicles, cameras, and lights, and producers were unsure... (Read More)

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