Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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La actividad económica creció 3,8% en septiembre último en forma interanual y acumuló en los primeros nueve meses del año un alza del 2,5%, con siete períodos consecutivos en suba, informó este jueves el INDEC.

El Estimador Mensual de Actividad Económica (EMAE) que difundió el organismo registró en septiembre contra agosto pasado una leve suba del...[Read More]

By Reuters

Argentina will deliver a bond totaling 80 billion pesos ($4.57 billion) at 6 percent interest maturing in 10 years to most of its provinces (except San Luis), after reaching a deal to lower provinces’ fiscal deficits, Treasury Minister Nicolas Dujovne said on Thursday.

As part of the deal, nearly all of the 24 provinces agreed not to...[Read More]

By Fresh Plaza

Argentina will implement the Sterile Insect Technique, which contemplates demonstration releases of sterile insects that do not generate offspring once they mate with wild females, thus eventually eradicating the fruit fly in the area.
The National Service for Agricultural Food Health and Quality (SENASA), through the National Program for the Control and Eradication of Fruit Fly of Northeastern Argentina (PROCEM NEA), and the Association of Blueberry Producers of the Mesopotamia Argentina (APAMA) made the first releases of male sterile flies for the control of Ceratitis capitata, better known as the Mediterranean Fly, in the province of...[Read More]

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