By Los Andes

Con una seria crisis de competitividad generada tanto por los condicionamientos del tipo de cambio y la inflación como por el comportamiento mundial de los competidores y la demanda, la vitivinicultura argentina acelera su proceso de concentración.

Según un reporte de la consultora Caucasia Wine Thinking, durante el primer semestre de 2015 las cinco principales bodegas exportadoras de vino embotellado concentraron el 47% de los envíos en volumen y el 42% de los envíos en valor, aumentando un punto comparado con el mismo período de 2014. En tanto, en el mercado interno, las cinco primeras concentraron el 70% de las ventas.

Si se analiza por marcas, las cinco principales marcas de vinos embotellados de Argentina pasaron de concentrar el 15% en volumen en los primeros seis meses de 2014 a lograr el 17% en el mismo período en 2015. En tanto, las 10 marcas más exportadas aumentaron su participación en volumen un punto pasando de... (Read More)

By Telesur

The Argentine government has submitted formal legal actions against the Canadian mining company for spilling 15,000 liters of cyanide into a local river.

Argentine government officials are launching a legal investigation against Canadian mining company Barrick Gold after 15,000 liters of cyanide leaked into a local river from its Veladero mine located in the western province of San Juan.

“We want to deploy all investigative measures available in order to determine if a crime did or did not take place,” Provincial Attorney General Guillermo de Sanctis told EFE news agency on Wednesday. “We must get to the bottom of this in order to know what happened and to make sure that it never happens again.”

Meanwhile, Argentina's Chief of Ministers Anibal Fernandez has demanded a rapid response to the spill after local residents... (Read More)

By Fermin Koop at Buenos Aires Herald

Sector is optimistic that whoever wins in October will usher in new era of growth

The mining sector in Argentina is bursting with optimism, confident that regardless who of the three main presidential candidates wins the elections investment will increase and reactivate an industry that has been stagnant for the last years amid falling international commodity prices.

The Victory Front’s Daniel Scioli, Let’s Change contender Mauricio Macri and UNA candidate Sergio Massa have all vowed to prioritize the sector and change regulations to make investments even more attractive to international companies while also increasing incentives to make mining communities more eager to accept large projects that are often steeped in controversy.

The three candidates have met with mining business chambers, developed specific plans for the sector through their think-tanks and even visited mines throughout the country, promising... (Read More)

By Bloomberg

Bond investors have been snapping up Argentine bonds on optimism the nation’s next president will end a dispute with creditors. But there’s one debt security they’ve shunned: the country’s GDP warrants.

With the economy unlikely to grow enough to trigger payments on the securities anytime soon, the dollar-denominated warrants have dropped 3.3 percent in the past... (Read More)

By Buenos Aires Herald

Travelling abroad is becoming an increasingly popular option for Argentines, with almost five million trips out of the country since the start of 2015, 14 percent above 2014’s figures, as well as record growth in July, according to figures released yesterday.

The monthly INDEC statistics bureau tourism report said more than 600,000 trips outside the country were registered in July, up 24,3 percent when seen against 2014’s numbers, while foreign tourists coming to Argentina kept dropping, registering a 4,3 percent decline for the month.

The trend is not new, but it is getting stronger, as the cost of... (Read More)


Argentina's central bank is cracking down on the banking giant HSBC amid a multi-billion-dollar tax evasion scandal. It has demanded that the British lender's local unit president be replaced within 24 hours

In addition to charges of aiding tax evaders, the central bank in Buenos Aires also accused HSBC Argentina president Gabriel Martino of not doing enough to "mitigate and adequately address the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities."

The financial overseer said that because HSBC had not established the... (Read More)

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