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Argentina is often touted as a hub of Bitcoin adoption and innovation by those who wish to see the peer-to-peer digital cash system succeed; however, there does not seem to be much evidence to back up those claims. There have been plenty of articles written about the potential for bitcoin to takeover as a major currency and means of payment in Argentina, but the people on the ground there tell a different story. A short while ago, Streamium Developers Manuel Aráoz and Esteban Ordano were based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and they recently shared their views on the potential of Bitcoin in the South American country on an episode of Epicenter Bitcoin.

The News About Bitcoin in Argentina Has Been Totally Wrong

Certain media outlets, especially ones that are focused on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, have been known to publish less than accurate stories about this new financial technology on occasion. These stories often tout the success of Bitcoin in a country with a troubled economy or highly-inflationary currency, but Manuel Aráoz sees these claims from the media as... (Read More)

By Hellenic Shipping News

This message has the intention of refreshing on previous circulars related to customs problems in Argentina and also to update you on further news which has taken place lately.

In the past, we have issued various circulars highlighting the attention which should be paid to local customs regulations when completing the “store list” at the time of clearing the vessel and the importance of including bunkers, lubricants, paints, chemicals, spare ropes and the vessel’s grabs (if any) in addition to routine items.

When the vessel is boarded at a later stage by customs officers to inspect what has been declared in the “store list” submitted on arrival against the findings of their subsequent inspection, it is important for them not to find... (Read More)

By Ámbito

La comercialización de vehículos usados alcanzó en septiembre último las 167.542 unidades, lo que representó un crecimiento de 9,58% en comparación con el mismo mes de 2014 y una suba de 10,73% respecto de agosto de este año, informó hoy la Cámara del Comercio Automotor (CCA), cuyo presidente Alberto Príncipe, estimo que las ventas alcanzarán un récord cuando concluya 2015.

La entidad destacó en su informe que en lo que va del año, la venta de usados totalizó... (Read More)

By Yahoo! News

Argentina repaid $5.9 billion of its debt Monday in keeping with its repayment schedule, though a longstanding dispute with US hedge funds remains.

"The payment has been made on time. We have met our commitment with one of the largest repayments in about two decades," said central bank chief Alejandro Vanoli.

The payment was made by... (Read More)

By Platts

Argentina's state-run energy company YPF plans to ramp up unconventional natural gas production to help close the nation's supply deficit and expand petrochemical output.

"Fifteen percent of our gas production comes from tight and shale," CEO Miguel Galuccio said late Thursday at the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo in Buenos Aires. "We have a goal of getting 50% of our gas production from these formations by 2020."

YPF is producing gas from tight plays like Lajas and Mulichinco, as well as from Vaca Muerta, one of the world's most... (Read More)

By Fresh Plaza

According to a report developed by the Institute of Rural Development, there has been an increase in the amount of white garlic planted over the previous season, indicating that this season's production would be more diverse. Marcelo Costa, head of the Agribusiness, stressed the efforts made by the Province so producers could improve their profits.

"Information management is strategic when it comes to marketing the production, that's why we have to highlight the decision made by the provincial government to allocate funds to this survey and making it free for producers," said the head of Agribusiness, in the presentation of the report at the Government House.

According to the report, there are 8,370 hectares devoted to garlic this season, i.e. 14% or 1,331 hectares less than in the previous cycle. The technicians of the Institute of Rural Development stated that, "the surface had decreased because... (Read More)

By Tele Sur TV

Argentina remains firm in its fight against the so-called vulture funds, despite an international campaign from creditors.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York rejected Monday the second appeal to force the New York Bank of Mellon to use the US$539 million of defaulted Argentine bonds deposited in 2014 to pay the country's creditors, known as the “vulture funds.”

The New York judge upheld the decision made in October 2014, ruling that Argentina's creditors do not have the right to appropriate these funds. The decision goes against U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa's initial decision on which bondholders are entitled to make claims and for how much.

This is the third time the New York Court of Appeals has rejected the controversial verdict from Judge Griesa. On Aug. 10, the judge ruled that... (Read More)

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