By Punto a Punto

El ministro de Economía, Infraestructura y Energía de Mendoza, Martín Kerchner Tomba, anunció ayer formalmente al lanzamiento  el Programa de Incentivo a la Inversión, más conocido como bono fiscal. “Se trata de un proceso de selección de proyectos de inversión que, una vez que se realicen, serán beneficiados con un bono fiscal que es el equivalente al 100% de la inversión realizada”, dijo el ministro en el marco de Argentina 2030, una iniciativa de la Jefatura de Gabinete que dirige el economista Eduardo Levy Yeyati y que ayer tuvo un encuentro en la Universidad de Cuyo.

El incentivo tiene otro atractivo: una vez terminada la inversión y entregado el bono, la empresa lo podrá descontar... (Read More)

By Fresh Plaza

According to the IDR, the surface cultivated with winter vegetables in the province of Mendoza amounted to 12,626 hectares, i.e. 16% less at the provincial level over the previous season. Despite this, the South showed a remarkable production growth with nearly 100 extra crop hectares, especially of garlic production.

According to the report  on horticultural production by the Institute of Rural Development, "all areas of the province decreased crop surface, except for the eastern and southern areas, which includes the departments of... (Read More)

By Bloomberg

Embattled President Mauricio Macri can breath a sigh of relief after new figures show Argentina’s economy emerged from recession in the third quarter, earlier than previously estimated, with growth then accelerating in the fourth.

Gross domestic product expanded 0.5 percent in the last three months of the year from the previous quarter, the national statistics agency said in a statement Tuesday. Third quarter growth was revised to... (Read More)

By The Bubble

Europe, rejoice! After 14 long years, the European Union announced that in the first semester of this year it will reauthorize Argentine beef imports from northern Argentine provinces that previously had had their exports banned.

The move follows in the footsteps of the US and Canada, both of whom reopened their... (Read More)

By Wisconsin AGconnection

Argentina's crop exports surged $2 billion in the last three weeks of the year after restrictions were scrapped by the new president, according to exporter group Ciara-Cec. Bloomberg reports that farmers sold $752 million worth of grains and oil-seeds in the last three days of 2015 for an annual total of $20 billion, down 17 percent from a year earlier. Sales in the last few days of the year were almost double the amount of grains and oilseed shipped abroad in the entire month of November.

The export of grains has become more profitable for farmers after... (Read More)

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