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By Punto a Punto

El Ente Mendoza Turismo presentó los avances del Plan de Desarrollo Turístico de Alta Montaña. Estuvieron referentes del gabinete provincial, de oficinas públicas nacionales con incumbencia en el corredor bioceánico, del sector privado y académico de la provincia y de las comunidades involucradas en el territorio seleccionado.

Su realización está a cargo de las Direcciones de Desarrollo y de Calidad y Servicios Turísticos. Entre los expositores de la jornada se encontraban...[Read More]

By Los Andes

Con la autorización de la Secretaría de Modernización Administrativa a través de la RESOL-101-E-2017-SMA en su artículo 3°, hay 40 trámites del Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura -INV- que se realizarán a través de la plataforma de Trámites a Distancia (TAD). Estarán vigentes a partir del 30 de octubre.

A partir de mes los podrás realizar tus tramitaciones desde tu dispositivos electrónicos y en los horarios que vos elijas. Este es el listado...[Read More]

By Great Wine Capitals

The glass bottle has undoubtedly played one of the most significant roles in the history of the wine industry. The first records of glass bottles date back to 1500 BC and it is due to the impermeable, watertight nature of the glass wine bottle that we can continue to enjoy wines that are hundreds of years old today.

Wine bottles can survive many years in a dusty cellar, be transported around the world and live to tell the tale even after dramatic events and disasters. Take for example the sunken bottles of Champagne recovered from a shipwreck some 170 years later, and still reportedly taste good due to the preservation power of the glass bottle.

Glass has been essential to the preservation of wine over many centuries and continues to sustain the industry today. Thus it is quite fitting that last year’s Great Wine Capital’s ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ Award winner in Sustainability in Mendoza was Verallia, one of the world’s largest glass bottle producers.

Producing more than 16,000 million bottles annually, sold into more than 45 different countries, Verallia’s presence isn’t limited to its headquarters in Mendoza. It is...[Read More]

By Buenos Aires Times

Inflation hit 1.9 percent in September, the INDEC national statistics bureau announced on Thursday,  pushing the rate for the year so far to 17.6 percent, above the Central Bank’s annual target of between 12 to 17 percent. 

In Buenos Aires province, consumer prices rose by two percent, the region’s highest level since April. 

While the government has seen a string of positive economic headlines of late, these latest figures emphasise the... (Read More)

By Reuters


BUENOS AIRES, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Argentina’s central bank raised its benchmark interbank lending rate to 27.75 percent on Tuesday, up from 26.25 percent previously, the monetary authority said in a statement.

The increase followed data putting Argentina’s inflation at 1.9 percent in September, higher than previous months. The country’s cumulative inflation rate is...[Read More]


BUENOS AIRES, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Argentina posted a trade deficit of $765 million in September, government statistics agency Indec said on Tuesday, marking the ninth straight negative balance and bringing the cumulative deficit to...[Read More]

By Bloomberg

Argentina’s equity markets are gaining momentum, with $3.5 billion ready to go public as some of the country’s largest companies look to raise capital for the first time.

Cement-maker Loma Negra Cia Industrial Argentina SA and agribusiness group Molino Canuelas Sacifia are among a half-dozen companies working to sell shares overseas in the next six months. That would be the most equity-market debuts -- and the greatest value -- since at least 2007, when four firms raised a total of... (Read More)

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