Monday, January 22, 2018

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Argentina issues 30-year bonds for 2.75 billion Euros, Central bank forecasts 21% inflation for 2017


By Business Insider

ARGENTINA: Economists Expect 21% Annual Inflation By Year-end - Survey 

Argentina's annual core inflation forecast for the end of 2017 rose by 0.7 percentage point (pp) in November to 21%, according to a monthly survey conducted by the Argentinean central bank. For 2018, analysts estimated a 14.3% annual inflation, from 14% in the previous survey.

Recently, the Argentinean monetary authority gave up of its inflation target for 2017, between...[Read More]


ARGENTINA: Country Places 30-year Bonds For 2.75 Billion Euros

Argentina returned to the European market with the placement of three bonds denominated in euros, including the first 30-year bond for the country in the common currency, for a total of 2.75 billion euros.

The Argentinean bonds' maturity ranges from five to...[Read More]


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