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Google searches: Argentina crazy about tango, soccer, "mate"

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By Juan Manuel Nievas at Global Post

BUENOS AIRES, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Argentine people are most passionate about tango, soccer and "mate" (a herbal tea), online searches show.

"Tango" leads the list of most popular searches on Google in Argentina, with an average of 7.95 million hits, distantly followed by "soccer," with 1.5 million, and mate, with 729,000.

Tango is not just a favorite pastime, it is also a study subject. Since 1990, the National Academy of Tango, founded by poet Horacio Ferrer and headquartered at the legendary Cafe Tortoni, has existed alongside such equally weighty institutions as the National Academy of Law, the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of History.

"Tango as a musical, dance, poetic and interpretive art form has undeniably been around for a century as an authentic and profound expression of the Argentine people," former Argentine President Carlos Menem (1989-1999) said when he decreed the creation of the national academy.

"Tango's creative force springs from no less than 50,000 (musical) pieces composed, edited and released since the end of the... (Read More)

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