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Francis Mallmann on Argentina, Cooking and Fire


By Authentic Foodquest

When we asked our Argentinian friends in preparation for our quest for authentic food in Argentina:

Who best represents authentic Argentine cuisine?

From whom can we learn more about authentic Argentine cuisine?

Who knows best about gaucho grilling?

The unanimous answer we got was: Francis Mallmann.

After reading about Francis Mallmann, and watching his videos about Argentina cuisine and cooking, we were hooked. Francis Mallmann’s personal story as a chef is truly inspiring. As the author of Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way, we wanted to understand these unique grilling techniques in the country famously known for it’s beef.

In addition, his focus on authenticity and his return to Argentine cooking roots was another reason we wanted to connect with him.

Indeed for us, when we talk about Authentic Food Quest, we define it as: the search for real, simple and traditionally rooted food.

When we were in Buenos Aires, we decided to reach out to Francis Mallmann with a simple request for a conversation about Argentina cuisine and authentic food.  We didn’t expect a... (Read More)

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