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Alex Holland, sommelier: Trying luck for size


By Sorrel Moseley-Williams for Buenos Aires Herald


From: Seattle, Washington
Lives: Mendoza city
Education: English; writing and literature at Williamette University
Profession: Certified sommelier
Book: Animal Farm
Film: Minions
Gadget: My mobile phone

Following graduation, Alex Holland and his half-Argentine wife decided to visit her homeland on holiday. But a last-minute change of plan meant they decided to sell all their possessions and trying their luck in Argentina. After travelling around the country, they ended up in Mendoza – and fell in love all over again. That was three and a half years ago.

Alex says: “The first time I came to Argentina was March 2012 as my wife is half Argentine and we decided to come and visit after graduating. We came across a good deal so we thought we’d come and check out where she grew up. The plan was to visit for a month, but then we had a crazy idea the week before we left, and sold everything in our apartment with the idea of trying our luck. We thought the worst-case scenario, if it all went wrong, would mean just moving back to the US.

“She was born in Peru but brought up in Buenos Aires and went to the States when she was 13. I grew up in Seattle and she moved to Oregon and we both didn’t have as much sunshine as we wanted.

“When we arrived, we first went to Buenos Aires and that was a crazy lifestyle. Then we went south to... (Read More)

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