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Mendoza Part 1: A Festival of Festivals

Visitor Stories

By jd - To Infinity & Beyond

We came for the wine, we stayed for the city. At least that’s how it happened in Mendoza, Argentina.

We decided to visit Mendoza during the annual grape harvest festival, known as the Vendimia. We didn’t really know what the festival involved but it sounded like something worth investigating. I mean, Mendoza is known around the world for its wines, especially its Malbec, so we knew we couldn’t go wrong.

A couple quick facts about Mendoza: the city of Mendoza is the capital of the province of Mendoza (just to be confusing). The whole province is a desert located on the western edge of Argentina at the foot of the Andes. You might be wondering how a desert can support a big city and so many vineyards. Well, hundreds of years ago the natives (whom the Spanish pretty much wiped out when they arrived) built huge irrigation systems throughout the region which carry water from the Andes mountains.

Just getting to Mendoza was an adventure in itself. We had to... (Read More)

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